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When you decide that it is time to make the move,one of the most important decisions that you will make is WHO DO I CALL?

Some agents are hoping that the public thinks that ALL AGENTS ARE THE SAME, A REALTOR IS JUST ANOTHER COMMODITY. This article should end that myth.

If all agents were the same, then why is it that 80 percent of the home sales in the U.S is done by 10 to 20 percent of the agents in most markets? The success and level of service varies tremendously.

Group photo of The ORR Home Selling Real Estate Team Located in Muncie Indiana

A Realtor has to wear many hats……….it is actually a very technical field that many people just don’t realize what is involved. A Realtor must be knowledgeable in Mortgage financing, Marketing, Negotiation, Prospecting, the local and national real estate markets, value assessment, staging, time management, and must have outstanding people skills and problem solving skills.

In addition to the technical skills, an excellent Realtor will provide you with unbiased opinions to help you make the right decisions in your move. We have to help you make the proper decisions, many times while the prospect is not realizing how much we truly care about the best decision, instead of the commission we will make.

A Realtor must also be aware of opportunities that will enhance your situations such as “mortgage credit certificates”, a proposal that will cut your mortgage cost by 20 percent over the life of your loan, if you qualify.

Over the years, The ORR Home Selling Team is proud to be a trendsetter in all areas to give the ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE TO OUR CLIENTS!

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  • Experience: 33 Years combined as top producers!
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  • Success: In 2009-2010, Over $15 million & 234 Sides Sold!
  • Service: More Agents = More Time!  Available for YOU!!
  • Cost: 3 Full Time Agents & Staff for no more $.

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