How do you find a great agent?

The easy answer is to call the Orr family and you will have a family of great agents, but I am sure you would like to know what a great agent is, so you know what is possibly available when selecting an agent.  According to NAR statistics 80 percent of the Real Estate transactions are completed by just 20 percent of the agents!!!

As a veteran in the industry and a practicing principal broker for 14 years, I have learned what a “not so great agent” is, and I have seen a FEW GREAT agents over the years!  The traits that I view as important are many, but some agents can accomplish the task without all of them.  Many of the persons that I view as great agents had to learn some of the traits, but actually a brand new agent can be blessed with the very most important characteristics.

As a Broker who always kept an eye open for potential new recruits, I looked at the person who had the desire to help others-a servant mentality, AND a person that had energy and drive.   This person needed a reputation of honesty-(or had to live each deal with honesty while they worked with me), and a passion to succeed.  Of course, these people are few and far between-but they are around if you look for them.

The other traits that I like to think separates an average agent from a GREAT AGENT are empathy, positive attitude, a sense of responsibility, a person that is action oriented,  well educated, and self motivated.   I also would suggest technology, great communication skills, fearlessness, and marketing as important skillsets.   In addition, to these traits, a professional demeanor-sprinkled by a fun spirit,   time management skills, a deep knowledge of the world and Real Estate, and savvy with negotiations.   As you can see, a  GREAT AGENT has to have an amazing variety of skills! (and in this market a large amount of great attitude, patience and perseverence.)

And finally, I would look for an agent with a counselor mentality, since part of the job is to help people determine life changing decisions-A GREAT AGENT will deliver the TRUTH that you must know to be a successful buyer or seller.

The GREAT AGENTS that I know remain humble and helpful as they become seasoned vs. tired and negative from years of experienced.   The GREAT AGENTS will keep their own problems to themselves, so they have time to work on your problems.   The GREAT AGENT will always follow the Realtor code of ethics, including confidentiality.  A GREAT AGENT will listen more than s(he) speaks because that is how s(he) learns.

In summary,  TRUSTWORTHY is a key word.   I would look for that first, then I would check for as many traits as mentioned.  Does the agent convey confidence, have experience, and knowledge in your market area and property type?   Is the agent someone that you are comfortable with and that you can talk to?   Does the agent appear to care about what you are concerned with,  or do they look like they are just grabbing their next commission from you?  By the way, friendship too deep makes the transaction difficult……..the agent shouldn’t be your best friend until AFTER the transaction.  Oh, and I hate to say this out loud, …Is the agent working 100% full time every day in the Real Estate business?

Most GREAT AGENTS will have a written marketing plan and a service promise of some sort.   A GREAT AGENT will expect loyalty, sincerity, and motivation from their clients because they give the same.   

You as the GREAT CLIENT will have a responsibility to take advice and criticism to buy or sell your property in the most efficient manner.  And…………..since negotiation is a strong point for the GREAT AGENT, he/she will typically have an answer to protect their livelihood when asked to reduce their fees. 

Price of the agent’s fees is very important of course, but make sure that you are receiving the most skilled and able agent too!   Value is what a person gets OUT OF A PRODUCT, not what it costs. 

GREAT AGENTS usually are busy in any market… look for a GREAT AGENT first!  If you not sure where to begin, I know a GREAT AGENT very well who strives to live and learn every one of the traits described in this article….call me @ 765 215 0167 and I will help you find a GREAT AGENT!    : )

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