As a seller, why do I stage my home for success?

Today, prospects have more choices than ever.  They have the ability to see your home without even walking into the door via the internet.  If your home is listed, we will offer feedback from showings.  However, feedback from buyers is rarely the truth, because they hold back the “what will it take for them to buy” information.


Typically, as the price increases (or price range), the expectations increase for the buyers!   Will your home grab the buyer emotionally?   Are there too many “cosmetic or cost items” to scare the emotion out of the logical buyer?   Should you make repairs or reconsider your price?

Hard fact:  In Central Indiana, MORE houses “DON’T sell”  than “SELL” when private sellers are involved.    Repos. are selling at a discount to cover their condition issues.

Think about being in competition with your neighbors…if there are ten houses for sale, and only one buyer arriving to purchase in the next month, will they buy yours?

Think about the real issues from the buyer’s perspective.   Deferred maintenance items, paint, windows, furnace, cabinets, bathrooms, carpet, siding, old décor or outdated décor,  housekeeping items, too much furniture or clutter, cleanliness, odors, unfinished items, etc.   Is my house appealing to today’s style?  Where do we draw the line?  Do we make changes?   Is new construction a consideration for the same buyer, by the time they remodel mine?  Many times the answer is YES, at a seller’s 5 year old pricing!

Many sellers say “Well my neighbor’s house is higher!”  Is your neighbor’s house SOLD or LISTED? In this market you must look at sold listings as the more accurate gauge to pricing.

WHAT HAPPENED?  In the past when housing demand exceeded supply, many items were overlooked by purchasers because the advantage was with the seller.  Today is the opposite, the buyer will just purchase another home that gives them the “the most”.   Houses that the seller has taken the time to improve in all areas such as maintenance and décor items will always sell for top dollar.

I hear the objection most…….”I don’t want to pick a carpet or paint color that someone else may not like.”  The truth is, there are colors that are very appealing that can CREATE THE ADVANTAGE that you need.   Allowances don’t work.  ASK THE AUTO DEALERS, do you ever see a dented or dirty vehicle on an auto dealer’s lot?  Of course not!   Auto dealers realize buyers just choose another dealer’s autos if it appears that their cars are not quality vehicles.  They don’t even want you to see a dented car on their lot!!!

Please let The Orr Family Home Selling Team visit your home to help you decide what to do for you to compete in this market.   We LOVE to visit “expired listings” and “For Sale By Owner listings” that are trying to sell.   We will view your property through our experience of many “buyer’s eyes” to help you decide how to best prepare for today’s discretionary and fortunate buyers!

Remember, the buyer really is NOT buying your home, . . .
they are buying the lifestyle that they expect to receive while owning it !

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