Why should you buy real estate today?

Thinking of owning your first home? Well you have came to the right place!    Owning a home can give you and your family a place to call home………. and a sense of  “this is mine, and I can do what I want to here” and a place to enjoy your hobbies and belongings.

Buying a home with a fixed interest for a 30 year period will keep your payment stable, even if inflation pushes rent and houses up in value again…..which seems unlikely now, but if history remains true-it will happen again.

The market is fantastic now for a first time buyer due to the large amount of choices and GREAT deals.  The payment will most likely be LESS than rent on a comparable rental due to the low interest rates as well as all of the above!

Additionally, if you haven’t owned a home for 36 months, the US government will also offer you 10% (up to $8000) if you close on your new home before December 1, 2009 from the 2009 housing stimulus incentive.   This is an outstanding benefit, if your plans include home ownership!

Tax improvement: the legislation of Indiana has given homeowners a cap on your taxes at 1% of market value which gives much more long term stability to the house payment, which should maintain property values and help limit foreclosures in Indiana.

Your first step to home ownership is to call the Orr HomeSelling Team or your favorite Realtor to learn how!   Look for my upcoming article “steps to home ownership” or ask questions now!

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