Lisa – Happy Homeowner

Please read below to learn about a great loan program we used to help Lisa and her family! She didn’t state how some of her family was very skeptical that this program is legitimate. They aren’t now! If you have any questions about how you can do the same thing, please feel free to call us!

“From Lisa, a very happy homeowner, (below)
Hi my name is Lisa, and I now know that dreams REALLY DO COME TRUE here in Indiana!!
I am a hard working single parent that was stuck in a drug-infested public assisted apartment complex one year ago. I mean this LITERALLY. It was awful. I worried about raising my children here. But now, thanks to a great program called USDA Rural Development, I live in a wonderful family-oriented neighborhood, filled with kids in a small, quiet town.
The unfortunate thing is, most people don’t know this program exists. I am so happy that I actually bought my own home that I want to tell others about how they, too can make their dream come true.
The USDA Homebuyers Program is for nearly all families who income qualify and have been able to maintain a reasonably good credit standing. My house payment is income based and my interest rate is only 1%!! Have you ever heard of interest rates for buying a home being so low? The USDA official told me that I could win the lottery and my rate STILL would not be any higher than 5%, EVER. My house payment, with insurance and taxes included, is $281 per month. For those of you still stuck in rental housing, you know this is peanuts compared to what you pay in rent payments. And since I am a first time homebuyer, I got the tax credit and received a check for approximately $7,300! WOW!
My children and I are very happy in our new neighborhood. We have made nice friends. We LOVE our home and our wonderful big yard.
Please look into this home buying program for you and your family. I’m sure glad I did.

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